Lifeshare Foundation's School Donations 2018

Our Back-to-school 2018 took place in Ekiti State. Located in South West of Nigeria. Ekiti State is one of the Yoruba speaking States in Nigeria. The State has a catchy slogan that inspires education – “Fountain of Knowledge”.

The Back to School Program is an opportunity for Lifeshare Foundation to make helpful school donations.

Lifeshare has identified this school donation as an opportunity. And has taken-it-up as a recurrent program.

This “Back to school 2018” is the second edition.

The first edition was last year – September 2017. (you can view that also here). That was in Abuja.

This time Lifeshare Foundation (LsF) decided to take its 2018 School Donation Program to Ekiti State.

Free donation Items were Given out.

The goal of this outreach is to support school children as they return back to school.

It is also a good way to motivate children to do better in their new academic session.

Its like a School Fest.

It inspires educational excellence among students.

School donations program of this size is not a regular type. Espcially because
Most education NGO focus their donation to the city.

The turnout was awesome.

The event was well planned.

The sitting arrangements, the coordination.everything was just onpoint.

Thanks to our amazing Volunteers. you can join too by submitting a basic application here

The ovation was on-point.
The town’s King and her beloved Queen were also in attendance to grace this occasion.

Image of Royal Highness – The King and The Queen

Back to school is not the only care outreach by Lifeshare Foundation, however, this is it’s biggest event ever.

The growth is really fascinating.

People looking for charites to support can definately trust an NGO such as Lifeshare Foundation.

Thanks to our Trustees and the enitre LsF team. You can read more about Lifeshare foundation here.

Different schools benefited from this years school donation program.

These charitable school support program was well received. It is particulalarly helpful at a time when schools student were resuming. You will agree with me again that this is really strategic from the team at Lifeshare Foundation. we have currently 31 volunteering members.

Indeed “little helps count”. That is exactly what our charity organization is doing. We look out for opportunities to care for people.

Think about out. do you know about coorperate social receponsbily. Liefsrea foundation thrives majorly on the wings of cooporate social responbily and donors.

But unfortunately, there are not suffieicent corporeate social responsible oreganization in Nigeria. See list of our Supporting organizations (and consider joining our partnersing organizations). 

Lets help where it trully matters.

With support from our Donors & Volunteers, Back-to-school 2018 project was a success.

  • Excellence was celebrated among the school pupils.
  • Reward for hard work was encouraged.
  • Special support were given to the outstanding students.

Images of Students Receiving Prizes

Isn’t this how to trigger healthy competitions?

These are our leaders of tomorrow, and we are so proud to be part of their stories, at this stage.

225 People were directly impacted on our 2018 school donation progrsam – “Back to school 2018”

These beneficiaries were children.

We are chearrfully happy to be able to share life with the host community, in Ekiti State.

Items Delivered on this School Donation Program Included:

  1. Writeable Exercise books
  2. Math Sets
  3. Pen
  4. Handy Bags
  5. Refreshing drinks
  6. Oxford English
  7. Dictionary
  8. High quality School Bags
  9. Scientific calculators
  10. Books – “How To Change Your Life” by Author Benjamin Bonetti
  11. Books – “Creatomg Business Plans”
  12. Books – “Difficult Conversations”

Important Notice:
Program Items are listed for transparency purposes only. Because It is  part of our NGO’s policy to be 100% transparetnt to our community and donors.

If you are considering a donation . please you are more than appreciated. You can use our secure on-line payment platform. – It accepts payments from all of the world. Thanks to Paystack and PayPal.

Lifeshare Foundation also has the capcity to accept your direct money transfers in NGN, USD, GBP, EUR.

ACCOUNT NAME: “Lifeshare Foundation”

BANK NAME: GTB – Guarantee Trust Bank


  • 0427632920 – NGN
  • 0427632937 – USD
  • 0427632944 – GBP
  • 0427633130 – EUR

The invaluable part of our program is the caring hands, and hearts from our volunteers. This is worth a bank full of diamonds. Join the the volunteeringb department here

On behalf of LsF and its Supporting Organizations, a total of ₦ 1,450,000 was spent on “Project Back to School 2018.”

From recordings, this is the highest that Lifeshare Foundation has spent on a project, as of September 2018.


Do you still accept donations after a campaign is over?


The reason is because we replenish our reserves with incoming  donations. This is out our strategy to do more on our next Charitable projects. to our community.

Lifeshare Foundaton is proud to operate as one of the active education charities in Nigeria.

Yes – Little Helps Count.

Thank You.

How To Help

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