We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
We are happy serving our community.
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LsF News

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization committed to enriching and improving the quality of life of underprivileged and vulnerable people in Africa.

We aim to initiate, promote and implement, life enrichment programs and interventions that contribute to the educational development, healthy living, wealth creation and family well being of under served children, young people and families, including victims of disaster in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

Outreaches Performed

Funds Spent
₦ 2,960,000

Supporting Organizations

People Impacted Directly

Participating Members

How To Help

Bank Account Details

Lifeshare Foundation Abuja Nigeria, Bank-account 4

ACCOUNT NAME: “Lifeshare Foundation”

BANK NAME: GTB – Guarantee Trust Bank


  • 0427632920 – NGN
  • 0427632937 – USD
  • 0427632944 – GBP
  • 0427633130 – EUR

Who We Are

Lifeshare Foundation delivers care outreaches, which supports underprivileged people in Nigeria – All done using Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and a global Crowd funding platform.

The platform provides direct care and sustainable support for the needy. It also builds a personal, and trusted bond between the underprivileged people, and our members and volunteers.

Transparency and care are watchword throughout these engagements.

The National Bureau of Statistics announced that 60.9% of Nigerians in 2010 were living in “absolute poverty”. This figure had risen from 54.7% in 2004. Now fast forward to 2018, – due to the economic recession in country.

Those statistics must have risen – in significant proportions. Thus a increasing the number of Nigerians who are unable to have a decent livelihood. – Sadly, or rather realistically, children are included in the ordeal.

There are few corporate socially responsible companies, and organizations. No where in proportion to those number of underprivileged people.

Underprivileged number cross across diverse category of people. Infant children, people in orphanage homes, struggling parents, inmates – in under-facilitated prisons. People in dire need of causal help, on the streets of Nigeria.
The list goes on and on!

Parents of underprivileged students struggle to pay their school fees. Else they will not be able to educate their child in schools.

And beyond the cost of school fees, and the basic cost of living. Nutrition and emotional support is also deficient.
It is almost impossible for someone who earns less than $2 a day to pay for healthy living. At least not in an inflated, and recession economy.

There is lack of enough caring hands, even among the high branded NGO. The harvest is much, but the labourers are few – too fee to avail enough care those in need in Nigeria.

There are insufficient caring hands. No where enough, to care for the large number of underprivileged people in Nigeria.

There is also no dedicated caring hearts, reaching out to the slums and rural areas. As a result, majority of people have to stay helpless, and even worse, – hopeless.

Due to nonchalant attitude, or a total ignorance of the underprivileged people around. Indigenous and foreign successful companies – are not sufficiently responsive to needy communities. Assuming they were, that should have resulted into a massive Corporate Social Responsibility.

Committed to creating sustainable impact for underprivileged people in Nigeria. – One community per time.

Lifeshare Foundation is a non-profit organization. It makes care-based outreaches. Delivers essential care. Aiming for a sustainable support, for the deprived people in Nigeria.
Lifeshare Foundation is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Registered as a Non-Governmental Organization. And has a Tax Exemption status.

Lifeshare Foundation deploys free care programs for underprivileged communities in Nigeria.

With the help of the Corporate Social Responsibility of Lifeshare Foundation’s CEO. And the hearty donations from charitable hearts – like yours. We are able to reach out to severe communities.

Donors from all over the world can use our online Crowdfunding web portal when they wish to donate. They could select any Outreach to be a part of it.

Donors receive regular feedback and updates on the outreach they commit their funds. Additionally, – donors can come to volunteer, physically during the outreach activities.

Donors are welcome from all over the world to be part of our care team.
The Lifeshare Foundation Certificate is given to volunteers. We are eager to share-life together – where it really matters.

Please come with us.

Our user friendly online fundraising work as follows:

  • Choose the outreach you want to fund.
  • Choose from many payment methods as per your convenience.
  • Donate to that particular outreach and get tax exemption.
  • Get regular updates of that outreach, until sustainability is reached.

What makes us unique is; the caring hands, and caring hearts of our volunteering team, and members.

Transparency is also a core to us. It means donors will be certain that each penny they are giving will be spent on the needy community. Donors get testimonial feedback from the outreached community, and individuals.

You want to care for the needy by donating for sustainable well-being, and happiness.

You need complete transparency of where your donation or charity is going.

Donors can wholly put their trust in us on their donations and charity. There are many people in Nigeria and all over the world who wish to spend their money on worthy non-profit charity organizations. But they are unsure about to whom they should donate.

That’s why we take our transparency level seriously.
With the testimonials from changed people, donors can see that their money is spent on a right cause.

Fund the sustainable growth of underprivileged people, by giving donation / charity.

We are blessed with good health and wealth and it’s our duty to further use them for the service of mankind. We owe this to our world. Even a small amount can create a lasting impact on someone’s severe well-beign. Spend your wealth in a noble cause and change the lives of deserving people of Nigeria.

The amount which you’ll contribute towards the outreach programs will bring them up to a happy state. We want to better their welfare, health and improve their living.

With the crowdfunding by caring donors like you, many people under Lifeshare Foundation receives care.

But there are still thousands of people who are in dire need of your support. They are out there, waiting for a miracle which would put a smile on their face. Together through fundraising, we can give new hopes.

We can reach-out to many deserving communities in our country. Let’s unite and make effort in making Nigeria an ideal place to live.

“Little helps count.”
– Kayode Alonge

Do you dream of working with people and make a real difference in their lives? Then join us and make this world a better place by using your expertise and compassion.

Lifeshare Foundation offers many volunteer opportunities. Suitable for anyone who wants to work with a non-profit charity organization.

People from all walks of life can join us as a volunteer and save the lives of underprivileged people.

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